Schwabe North America, Inc.-Partners-NaturaLife Asia Co., Ltd


For more than 50 years, Schwabe North America, Inc. has been one of the most recognized and trusted manufacturers of dietary supplements and vitamins. A pioneer in herbal supplements, the Schwabe North America, Inc. brand is known for its expansive offerings of whole herbs, standardized extracts, vitamins & minerals, and homeopathic remedies.
Beyond herbal supplements, Schwabe North America, Inc. manufactures trusted brands such as Alive!™ multivitamins, Fortify probiotics, herbs and standardized extracts, Umcka Cold Care, and Sambucus.
Schwabe North America believes that healthy starts inside - inside our people, our passion for quality and our products. From global sourcing to meticulous manufacturing, Schwabe North America raises the bar not just for ourselives, but for the entire supplement industry.